The Soul of A Poet: He'll Blow Your Mind With His Poetry Rhymes

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The Soul of A Poet


A Glimpse of Tomorrow

Tomorrow is merely a glimpse of a hope and a dream.
Nothing’s important because it’s yet to be seen. Tomorrow is packed with plans
one inspires to ignite,
only if God gives the blessing
to see the morning light.
Tomorrow has no impact on how you live today.
If you have any hope, don’t forget to pray. Tomorrow holds the mystery key
of an unknown town,
for nobody knows who’s going to be around.


Never forget to extend an act of kindness to someone today.
It could bring happiness to their lives in an unknown way.
A person could need a hug or a dollar or two,
just a touch of kindness to make it through.
To set judgment on one in desperate need
just isn’t fair,
for one day it could be you in despair.
Delivering kindness is something
we all should understand.
Let’s not be ashamed to lend a helping hand.


Wish we could go back and try again
But at this stage of life, neither of us would win. What we once had was special and pure.
I know you loved me, of this I am sure.
Our relationship was agreed upon
by both of our voice,
but you chose to separate and left me no choice. I have no ill feelings, I love you just the same. And I hope one day we can sit down,
so you can explain.

No Roses

Don’t think about covering my casket with roses, on the day my journey in life closes.
Best believe if I was okay living down here,
surely, I will be alright up there.
Stop it now, no need to shed tears of sorrow.
I’m gone, but you still have tomorrow.
So, don’t sit there feeling sorry for me,
because you can best believe I am free.

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