A Tribute to My Husband

As I was pondering what to write, two thoughts came to mind: who is this man and what a man. Well, he is Ronald Marsh Smith, a loving husband of more than thirty-five years and a father of three wonderful children. A man that will give you the shirt off his back, a man who doesn’t mind taking time to give you personal advice on life, because he has a story of his own life’s ups and downs that can be shared. Watching Ronald pen his life’s journey through his poetry, I’m reminded that he has a lot to give and I can truly see that he does have The Soul Of A Poet. Each poem is carefully carved from a heart that reveals a personal message from the soul of this poet. Thanks, Ronald, for these three words that you have drilled into me, our sons and everyone you have come in contact with, NEVER GIVE UP! It is a great honor that I salute my wonderful husband for a job well done.

Love, Betty

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From the Author's Loving Family

The Soul of a Poet is a unique read and captures its audience with the many different relatable categories. The two poems that are dear to my heart are titled Cam and Ronald III.  The Soul of a Poet brings you through many different emotions and beautifully touches the lives of so many. I highly recommend this book.

Ronald Jr. & Brittany Smith

Cypress, Texas

Upon reading the poems written by Ronald M. Smith, I was instantly inspired. The poems bring motivation and instantly connects you to his feelings and how he thinks. Ronald’s poems can be used as encouragement or as a simple reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to, regardless of the situation. Believe in yourself or no one else will.

2LT Raymond Smith

Mildenhall Air Force Base
Suffolk, England

Beautifully written poems about our son and daughter. The poems left us feeling speechless, delighted and loved. Can't wait for the book! 

Ryan & Monique Smith

Stafford, VA

In Spite of the Odds In spite of the odds that spelled defeat, you managed to stay on your feet. In spite of the odds that makes one narrow & small, you have grown wide with pride and stand very tall. In spite of the odds that can misdirect one’s plans, you held steadfast and became a man. In spite of the odds that can change a life, you grew into manhood and took a wife. In spite of the odds that spell success, you have come through with the very best.

Aunt Mert

Mr. Smith’s Aunt Mert (now deceased) wrote and read this poem at his 1998 retirement dinner from the US Army.